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Cellular and Wireless

OnCell Modems, Antennas and Gateways

We carry a great selection of Antennas for OnCell products, OnCell Routers, G2100 Series Modems, and IP Gateways, for your cellular networking needs.

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WLAN (IEEE 802.11)

Our WLAN range includes Wireless APs, Antennas, and a full range of wireless accessories.

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Emerson Surge Protection

Islatrol IC+105 Noise Filter

Now in stock: the Islatrol IC+105 point-of-use surge protector, a series-connected high-frequency noise filter with transient surge protection.

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Edco DRS Series Surge Protectors

New on Industrial Automation Nation: Address over-voltage transients with Emerson's DIN rail mountable Edco data/signal hybrid surge suppressors.

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120 Vac Isolated Input (16 points). Module requires a terminal block IC694TBBx32 or IC693TBSx32. Only compatible with RX3i

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Industrial Gigabit Firewall/VPN secure router.

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