Ethernet Switches

We carry industrial Ethernet switches for the network backbone in substation automation systems, intelligent transportation systems, and other major industrial automation projects. Included is a wide variety of managed and unmanaged switches to fit different system requirements. Nearly all models support IPv6 and our high-performance Turbo Chain and Turbo Ring redundant network toplogies. Order an evaluation unit or contact us to discuss your project.

Available Types of Ethernet Switches

  1. Din-Rail Managed Modular

    Din-Rail Managed Modular

    Our industrial modular Ethernet switches feature high reliability, great performance, modularity, and security, and are ideal for forming the network backbone for industrial applications. Top network performance and reliability is assured with Gigabit-speed, high fault-tolerant rings (recover time < 20 ms), and many advanced management and security features.

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  2. Din-Rail Managed

    Din-Rail Managed

    Managed Ethernet switches support intelligent network management functions such as QoS, IGMP Snooping/GMRP, VLAN, Port Trunking, SNMP V1/V2c/V3, IEEE802.1X, and https/SSL. For redundant network backbones, the Turbo Ring feature supports Gigabit Ethernet, copper or fiber-optic media, and network recovery within 20 ms.

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  3. Din-Rail Unmanaged

    Din-Rail Unmanaged

    We offer a wide selection of unmanaged Ethernet switches with high port densities and different combinations of T(X), SC, and ST connectors. These industrial-grade switches maintain a compact, economical footprint that is ideal for a diverse set of applications.

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  4. Rackmount- Managed/Unmanaged

    Rackmount- Managed/Unmanaged

    Our industrial rackmount ethernet switches, IKS series, are specially designed to handle demanding industrial applications. The IKS series meet EN60950-1, DNV/GL and NEMA TS2 environmental requirements that guarantee a high degree of adaptability to any severe condition, such as vibration and shock, high humidity, extreme temperatures, and high EMI/EMC noise.

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  5. IEC 61850-3  Smart/Managed

    IEC 61850-3 Smart/Managed

    IEC 61850-3 Ethernet switches are high performance switches that support IP routing protocols, including static routing and RIP V1/V2, which facilitate the deployment of mission-critical applications across networks. They are designed to meet the demands of power substation automation systems (IEC 61850-3, IEEE1613), traffic control systems (NEMA TS2), and railway applications (EN50121-4).

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  6. EN50155-Managed/Unmanaged


    The TN series of Ethernet switches are compliant with EN 50155, NEMA TS2, and e-mark standards for railway and other transportation applications.

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  7. Media Modules

    Media Modules

    Find modules that are designed for use with our modular product lines. Use them to customize your product's configuration.

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