Media Converters

Media converters are used to extend and/or protect electronic signals by converting them to different media, such as fiber optic. We offer a selection of industrial-grade serial media converters and Ethernet media converters, including cards, standalone units, and high-volume units. Converting to fiber optic media allows greatly increased transmission distance, up to 40 km for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485. In addition, fiber optic media is immune to the effects of ground loops, electromagnetic interference, voltage spikes, and other damaging electromagnetic phenomena.

Available Types of Media Converters

  1. Chassis-Based Solutions

    Chassis-Based Solutions

    Chassis-type media converters are the perfect choice for systems that require installing several converters in a confined space. Our NRack System is designed to help customers install high density media converter systems.

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  2. Ethernet to Fiber Converters

    Ethernet to Fiber Converters

    Our industrial-grade Ethernet-to-Fiber Converters are designed to convert Ethernet data to fiber optic signals, which can be a very cost-effective way to extend transmission distance. By converting to fiber optic media, Ethernet data can be transmitted over distances up to 80 km while enjoying superior EMI immunity, an ideal combination for many industrial applications.

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  3. Serial to Fiber Converters

    Serial to Fiber Converters

    The Fiber Converters are compact media converter that transmit RS-232 signals over optical fiber. Power is derived from either the serial port or an external power source. A pair of Fiber Converters converters can be used to connect two RS-232 devices with optical fiber in full duplex mode.

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