Remote I/O

  1. Active Ethernet I/O

    Active Ethernet I/O

    Active Ethernet I/O is an exciting new concept in Ethernet I/O that introduces active I/O messaging with easy logic control. With the patented and intuitive Click&Go interface, absolutely no programming is required to configure the I/O server's control logic. Bi-directional and direct input-to-output signal communication over Ethernet is supported, and Windows/Linux APIs are included for use in both industrial automation and IT environments.

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  2. Cellular GPRS I/O

    Cellular GPRS I/O

    Active GPRS I/O is a highly integrated solution that combines GPRS communications, front-end intelligence, and a front-end data logging function for information analysis and prediction. By using GPRS technology, the ioLogik W5000 series gives remote monitoring applications maximum coverage. The W5000 series products come with one 3-in-1 serial port (RS-232/422/485) to connect field serial devices such as meters, analyzers, and instruments.

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  3. Daisy-Chain I/O

    Daisy-Chain I/O

    Our remote Ethernet I/O line is built with an embedded 2-port Ethernet switch so you can implement daisy-chain topologies for distributed data acquisition systems. This and other design features enable users to reduce wiring and labor costs, minimize the number of failure points, shorten response time. Also, take advantage of Moxa’s free Active OPC Server software to connect seamlessly to SCADA systems.

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  4. Modular I/O

    Modular I/O

    With modular remote I/O servers, sensor data and simple analog or digital devices can be monitored or controlled over Ethernet or RS-232/485. The modular design allows the I/O server to accommodate almost any number and type of I/O device. Standard Modbus support allows the I/O server to be integrated into SCADA systems relying on software such as Intellution iFix, Wonderware, and Labview.

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  5. Peer to Peer I/O

    Peer to Peer I/O

    ioMirror E3000 Ethernet I/O servers provide a cable replacement solution by transmitting input signals to remote outputs over an Ethernet or IP network. With ioMirror Ethernet I/O servers, remote sensors can be connected to PLC controllers, DCS systems,or display devices over a network, without requiring additional signal wires.

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  6. RS-485 I/O

    RS-485 I/O

    The ioLogik R2000 series was designed for system integrators to acquire and control remote digital and analog devices over both RS-232 and RS-485 connections. Different types of digital on/off devices can be controlled, including proximity switches, mechanical switches, push buttons, optical sensors, LEDs, and light switches.

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  7. Accessories


    Accessories for I/O products.

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