Modular Active Ethernet I/O

With modular remote I/O servers, sensor data and simple analog or digital devices can be monitored or controlled over Ethernet or RS-232/485. The modular design allows the I/O server to accommodate almost any number and type of I/O device.

Available Types of Modular Active Ethernet I/O

  1. ioLogik E4200 Series

    Modular Active Ethernet I/O adaptor
    ioLogik E4200 Series
    1. As low as: $629.00

      ioLogik E4200

      Modular Active Ethernet micro controller adaptor
    2. $9.00

      20P To 20P Flat Cable-500mm

      20P To 20P Flat Cable-500mm
  2. NA-4010

    Ethernet Network Adapter (Modbus/TCP)
    1. $525.00