Surge Protection

  1. Point of Use Surge Protectors

    Point of Use Surge Protectors

    Installing surge protection products at the electrical service entrance is an obvious place to start when needing power protection. However, in most cases, it’s not enough. Installing protection at distribution, branch panel boards, and specific sensitive loads or (Point of Use) equipment throughout your facility is the best way to prevent damage and eliminate associated downtime to sensitive microprocessor-based electronics.

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  2. Signal Surge Protectors

    Signal Surge Protectors

    Transmitters and sensors are widely used in highly exposed areas, where lightning damage is common. Emerson Network Power’s Signal Line products guard sensitive instrumentation against what we refer to as "back-door" transients.

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  3. DIN Rail Surge Suppressors

    DIN Rail Surge Suppressors

    The adjustable DIN mount feature allows for fast, convenient installation within any industrial control panel.

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  4. Panel Mount Surge Protectors

    Panel Mount Surge Protectors

    Protecting a facility with this parallel line is an excellent first line of defense in limiting high impulse transients to a level that is acceptable to most electronic equipment. These high-energy surge protection products are placed in parallel with panels that are susceptible to both externally and internally generated transients. Our wide range of products offers specific surge protection levels, voltage/phase configurations, and any mode protection requirement at any panel within your facility.

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