USB & Serial Connectivity

  1. Fieldbus Communication

    Fieldbus Communication

    Use our fieldbus products for communication between devices and networks over EtherNet/IP, Modbus, DF1, or CANbus. Our fieldbus gateways, boards, and converters feature rugged construction and smart features for fast, easy setup.

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  2. Serial/Ethernet Servers

    Serial/Ethernet Servers

    Our serial-to-Ethernet products are designed to make industrial devices accessible directly from the network. Legacy devices can thus be converted into Ethernet devices that can be monitored and controlled from any network location or even the Internet. Different configurations and features are available for specific applications, including protocol conversion, Real COM drivers, TCP operation modes, and more.

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  3. USB to Serial Converters

    USB to Serial Converters

    For many applications, a PC must connect directly to a number of devices over a serial interface. Our UPort line offers PCs a high-performance, industrial-grade connection to up to 16 serial devices over a single USB port. A wide range of models is available with features including Hi-Speed USB 2.0 operation at 480 Mbps, advanced UARTs for high-end serial performance, COM port mapping, and more. UPort USB-to-serial products are ideal for modern PCs and laptops that need a direct serial connection to industrial devices.

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  4. USB Hubs

    USB Hubs

    The UPort™ 404 and UPort™ 407 are industrial-grade USB 2.0 hubs that expand 1 USB port into 4 and 7 USB ports, respectively. The hubs are designed to provide true USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbps data transmission through each port, even for heavy-load applications. USB-IF certified and fully compliant with the USB Plug & Play specification, the UPort™ 404 and UPort™ 407 provide a full 500 mA of power per port to ensure that your USB devices will function properly

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  5. Serial Converters/Repeaters/Isolators

    Serial Converters/Repeaters/Isolators

    There are significant differences between the RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial interfaces that can cause complications in industrial communication systems. Our serial converters allow devices to communicate effortlessly across different serial interfaces and offer convenient, intelligent features such as port-powered operation.

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  6. Serial Boards

    Serial Boards

    We are able to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of industrial-grade multiport serial cards in the world. Our serial boards are known for their thoughtful design, high reliability, and top performance, and are used to connect any number of serial devices directly to a PC. Boards for every major slot type are available, from ISA to PCI Express to PC/104.

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  7. Accessories


    Accessories for USB and serial products.

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