Fieldbus Communication

Use our fieldbus products for communication between devices and networks over EtherNet/IP, Modbus, DF1, or CANbus. Our fieldbus gateways, boards, and converters feature rugged construction and smart features for fast, easy setup.

Available Types of Fieldbus Communication

  1. Fieldbus Gateways

    Fieldbus Gateways

    We offer a selection of fieldbus gateways that provide seamless coordination between devices designed for different industrial protocols and media, including Modbus TCP/ASCII/RTU, DF1, and Ethernet/IP.

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  2. Fieldbus Boards

    Fieldbus Boards

    Our selection of PCI and PC/104 fieldbus boards enable you to attach CANbus devices directly to your industrial computer, and provides high quality interface boards with ESD/surge protection and driver support.

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