Fieldbus Boards

Our selection of PCI and PC/104 fieldbus boards enable you to attach CANbus devices directly to your industrial computer, and provides high quality interface boards with ESD/surge protection and driver support.

Available Types of Fieldbus Boards

  1. CB-602 for PC/104-Plus

    2 Port CANbus PC/104+ Module, w/Isolation
    CB-602 for PC/104-Plus
    1. $399.00

      CB-602I w/o Cable

    2. $459.00

      CB-602I-T w/o Cable

      *Use for extended temperature
  2. CP-602E for PCI Express

    2 Port CANbus PCI Express Board, w/Isolation
    CP-602E for PCI Express
    1. $425.00

      CP-602E-I w/o Cable

    2. $489.00

      CP-602E-I-T w/o Cable

      *Use for extended temperature
  3. CP-602U for PCI

    2 Port CANbus Universal PCI Board, w/Isolation
    CP-602U for PCI
    1. $379.00

      CP-602U-I w/o Cable

    2. $435.00

      CP-602U-I-T w/o Cable

      *Use for extended temperature