Serial/Ethernet Servers

Our serial-to-Ethernet products are designed to make industrial devices accessible directly from the network. Legacy devices can thus be converted into Ethernet devices that can be monitored and controlled from any network location or even the Internet. Different configurations and features are available for specific applications, including protocol conversion, Real COM drivers, TCP operation modes, and more.

Available Types of Serial/Ethernet Servers

  1. Industrial Series

    Industrial Series

    Industrial Device Servers provide easy and reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity for industrial automation applications. The device servers can connect any serial device to an Ethernet network, and to ensure compatibility with network software, they support a variety of port operation modes, including TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP.

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  2. Standard


    Industrial Device Servers are designed to make serial devices network-ready in an instant. The small size of the servers makes them ideal for connecting devices such as card readers and payment terminals to an IP-based Ethernet LAN. Use the Industrial Device Servers to give your PC software direct access to serial devices from anywhere on the network.

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  3. Redundant Series (CN Series)

    Redundant Series (CN Series)

    The CN2600 series are 8 and 16-port RS-232/422/485 terminal servers with LAN redundancy and built-in dual-LAN ports to implement a "redundant COM" mode, ensuring zero data loss and smooth operation for your application.

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  4. Secure Series

    Secure Series

    Our terminal servers offer the specialized functions and security features required when establishing terminal connections to a network. Multiple async devices such as terminals, modems, data switches, mainframe computers, and POS devices, can be connected through the terminal server and made available to network hosts and processes.

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  5. Serial to Wireless

    Serial to Wireless

    Wireless device servers provide industrial devices such as PLCs or RTUs with a wireless connection to an Ethernet network. We offer a selection of wireless device servers tailored to specific industrial needs, with important features such as TCP operation modes and strong security protocols.

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  6. Embedded Modules

    Embedded Modules

    Our embedded computing modules provide a programmable platform in a small package that is designed for installation within a device. Industrial devices can be greatly enhanced with multiple connection types and the ability to perform customized computing or processing tasks.

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