Video Surveillance

  1. IP Cameras

    IP Cameras

    Our IP surveillance camera uses a high-end day and night lens and has a rugged hardware design that includes IP66 form factor for rain and dust protection, PoE power inputs for power redundancy, and extended operating temperature without heater and fan. The camera is well suited for outdoor applications, such as the surveillance of buildings, city traffic, parking areas, and airports.

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  2. IP Surveillance Software

    IP Surveillance Software

    Finding user-friendly video-over-IP software is important, since users can get right to work with little training. We provide user-friendly IP surveillance software and a free SDK (software development kit) for application versatility.

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  3. Video Servers

    Video Servers

    Video servers are used to digitize and compress video data from NTSC or PAL video sources for transmission over IP networks. Any analog video source can be digitized and made available over the net in real-time.

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