WLAN (IEEE 802.11)

Our wireless AP/Bridge/AP Client products are designed to create wireless coverage areas for industrial applications. Featuring rugged construction, strong security, and network management functions, our wireless AP/Bridge/Client products are tailored to the needs of industrial users.

Available Types of WLAN (IEEE 802.11)

  1. Wireless Access Points

    Wireless Access Points

    Our industrial-grade wireless APs are highly rated for their rugged design, top security features, and rock-solid performance. You can find our APs in industrial sites and installations all over the world, establishing Wi-Fi on commuter trains, communicating with automatic guided vehicles, and more. Standard features include LAN port, IEEE 802.11b/g operation, and 0° to 60° operating temperatures. Optional features include waterproof housing and connectors, dual RF transmission, Turbo Roaming, dual power inputs, and PoE.

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